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The ultimate city for art and culture

Florence has a reputation for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world due to its abundance of history, art, culture and fashion. Book a flight to Florence and enjoy Italian cuisine in the city’s many restaurants. Enjoy gelato on the stunning Ponte Vecchio and discover hidden gems such as Cenacolo di Sant’Apollonia and the Palazzo Davanzati. Your jaw will drop when you see Florence.

Experience the Renaissance in Florence

The L-shaped Piazza della Signoria from the 13th century is considered the most important square in Florence. It’s a much-loved meeting place for locals and visitors alike. This is also where you’ll find Palazzo Vecchio, which conceals a museum with an amazing art collection from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period. Florence is not only the ideal destination for weekend holidays, it’s also the perfect starting point for a longer vacation in Italy. Treat yourself: book a flight to Florence now!

Book a flight to Florence

The perfect city to enjoy ‘la dolce vita’

One building that you literally and figuratively cannot avoid is the Duomo. Il Duomo, more formerly known as 'Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore', dates back to 1296 and has a striking red-tiled dome. Florence holds a gigantic collection of Renaissance art and the Uffizi Gallery is the foremost place to see it. In addition, Florence is exceptionally suited for enjoying ‘la dolce vita’. Here you can experience the ultimate bliss on one of the many terraces by drinking the best imaginable cappuccino or savouring the perfect pizza.

Flights to Florence for a unique holiday

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